Friday, February 2, 2007

SuperPages' social network far from super

posted by Andy Leff
File this news under "Right Idea, Wrong Way": SuperPages just launched 'Reviewer of the Week', a competitive program intended to spur user-generated content and reviews.

Too bad it's doomed to fail.

Nobody is going to make SuperPages their destination place for social networking. It's too corporate. Hell, it's a phonebook.

The company is making an artificial social network because 'social network' is the buzzword of the day. I see this turning (and burning) out the exact same way Wal-Mart's social network attempt did: as straight garbage nobody cares about because the corporate entity controls everything.

In fact, that's the No. 1 reason such contrived networks fall on their faces: People can't get a sense that their input is valuable or valued.

People typically don't want to help large corporations. They consider them money-grubbing giants, which is why Google had the whole "We're not evil" lobbying campaign going.

A million to one, people want to help other people -- namely, their friends and community. And they are not dumb. If a company tries to create a false sense of community, their audience will know.

Yet this seems to be where SuperPages is headed. I certainly don't see 'Reviewer of the Week' as a threat to organic, vital, honest social networks. It's only a cheap marketing ploy to get viewers to the site.

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