Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Eye on eBay

posted by Andy Leff
We’re interested in how businesses are using eBay. We want to know what challenges businesses face, how businesses feel about eBay services and features, and what successes (if any) the average Joe and Josephine are having.

What better way to find out than a survey? We've posted one on Zoomerang, and invite you to take a few minutes to complete it, if you're an eBay seller.

The responses are completely anonymous. We're not capturing any e-mail or personal information. That said, if you want a copy of the survey results before we publish them here, you'll be given an opportunity to opt-in to our mailing list.

We're also planning to pen a series of posts that take direct aim at the issues the respondents identify through the survey.

If you're an eBay seller, or you have an eBay Store, give the survey a whirl, and tell us what's on your mind.

And if you know anybody else who's selling on eBay, by all means, pass the survey along. We want to hear from, and help them, too.

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