Thursday, April 5, 2007

Identity 2.0

posted by Seun Olubodun
A VC blog gets the online party started with this post about the future of social networking -- emphasis on the "social."

Lead A VC blogger Fred Wilson makes some great points about the appeal of a more personal Web. How quickly we forget what it was like before sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Flickr brought us all together into a greater online community! We just wandered around in a cold, connection-less cyberspace, searching for a kind human touch.

So it only makes sense to tap into the friendly synergy created by this new phase, and spread the love. In many tech circles, this is known as Identity 2.0, the next step in Web networking that will replace the singular experience of message boards and forums with interactive online communities and open, distributed networks.

And it's already catching on, especially on sites that aren't necessarily Web 2.0. The recently revamped, for example, invites readers to comment on articles, provides a tagging option for recommending stories, and even color-codes article categories. (I classify Tech as burnt sienna.)

Color wheel aside, we're clearly on our way to a socially-based Web. And it pays for business owners to board this train now before it pulls out of the station, and they are left in the lonely, anti-social world of Identity 1.0.

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