Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mayor of Lumberton on line 1

posted by Andy Leff
We're on a roll with podcast interviews this week. This time, we grabbed the ear (and mouth) of Patrick Delany, mayor of Lumberton, N.J.

Why Lumberton? I seem to remember a recent news story that put the white-collar town of 12,000 people on the e-commerce map: eBay named Lumberton its most active community of buyers and sellers in America, on a per capita basis.

You're probably thinking, "Wait ... Lumberton, N.J.??" That's right, folks. Over 46,000 eBay listings originated from Lumberton during three weeks in November, and over 3,000 residents are members. And most of those are small businesses and individuals operating out of their homes.

As online biz junkies, we had to get the mayor on the line, and ask him just what it is about Lumberton that makes it such a happenin' eBay community.

But that's not all we talked about. I learned a of couple personal things about Mayor Delany, too. But if you want to hear it all, you gotta listen to the interview. Curtains, please!

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