Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Web 2.0, what art thou?

posted by Andy Leff
I blog a lot about Web 2.0, but have I ever really defined it for you?

This piece by Erika Morphy in E-Commerce Times discusses the various "definitions" of Web 2.0. And it got me thinking: What would I say if a reporter stuck a mic in my face, and asked me for an on-the-spot definition of Web 2.0?

I'd say Web 2.0 is a movement within well-established technology, not a replacement for it. It's an evolutionary step in the way media and information is shared and provided day-to-day.

In fact, the Web 2.0 movement is much like the Industrial Revolution. Back then, business practices became easier and more streamlined, leading to massive industrial growth. The same thing is happening on the Web. The technology is becoming more accessible, making it easier for people to get on board and build their businesses.

Yet, despite this revolutionary change, the Internet is still the Internet, just as business is still business. Methods and approaches adapt, but the overall concept stays the same.

To that end, Web 2.0 will eventually take on a new form and definition, as people learn new skills to navigate the online world, and reinvent existing technology to make the Web easier and more progressive.

With that said, here's my definition of Web 2.0 (as of today): a technology revolution aided by the public and their enthusiasm to share ideas.

Now where are all those mics???

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