Friday, May 4, 2007

Ben McConnell reveals marketing's 5th 'P'

posted by Seun Olubodun
Any B-school grad worth their salt had the four P's of marketing drummed into their heads: product, price, place (distribution), and promotion.

But did you know there's a fifth P? Neither did we, until we spoke to author, blogger, and consultant Ben McConnell.

Ben and his business partner Jackie Huba are the brains behind the pioneering Church of the Customer blog. They're also the authors of "Citizen Marketers: Where People are the Message," which hit bookstore shelves last month.

The book discusses how regular people are the new cultural influencers, using nothing more than a laptop, a broadband hookup, and their own research and opinions to shape business products and practices.

And they are directly responsible for the marketing mix's new 'P' -- participation. By giving customers ownership in the business world through participation, a business can build loyalty and grow profits.

There's more good stuff where that came from in the podcast, so click it, take it, share it, and learn from it.

Here I am with Ben (center) and Andy (right):

And here's our producer, Warren, interviewing Ben:

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