Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Web advice you can bank on

posted by Andy Leff
Here's another dose of business guidance from the Main Line Chamber of Commerce event -- this time, courtesy of John Durso.

John is the marketing manager of St. Edmonds Federal Savings Bank, one of Philadelphia’s oldest, yet smallest banks, with only six branches. He helps organize local events that encourage small and mid-sized businesses to leverage the Web and technology.

When we interviewed John, he echoed what I've long evangelized here: Using the Internet to grow your small business is the only way to increase market visibility. Competing against larger businesses is difficult, perhaps impossible without it.

John practices what he preaches at St. Edmonds. The bank recently upgraded its Web site to make it interactive, and increased its leads as a result -- proof that a well-conceived Web presence works.

But better to hear the story directly from John, as he stresses the importance of being online.

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