Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Presenting the classical online business example

posted by Andy Leff
You won’t find Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony on the Billboard Top 100, but you will find it at Arkiv Music LLC. The online music store sells the hits from three centuries ago, and plays to the tastes of classical music lovers.

But why use a modern medium to sell antique music? The site’s creators, President Eric Feidner and COO Brian O'Connor, thought that distributing classical music through the Internet would be more efficient and cost-effective than establishing a brick-and-mortar store.

Their reasoning: Classical music doesn't sell the volume of CDs and DVDs that would warrant stocking shelves, but its demand is significant enough to generate brisk online sales.

Their instinct proved correct. Five years later, over 350,000 customers worldwide have purchased CDs and DVDs from Arkiv Music. The result: sales that return 25 to 30 percent growth each year.

Of course, it's best to hear the story straight from the source, so our podcast team interviewed Brian at the Main Line Chamber of Commerce event.

Brian’s background also includes Director of Operations of Music Boulevard, which has since merged with CDNOW.

Listen to Brian’s advice for starting a successful online business -- we promise it will be music to your ears.

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