Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Seth Godin dips into book tour

posted by Andy Leff
Did you catch last month's podcast with Seth Godin? Intrigued by his latest book, The Dip? Interested in seeing him live?

If so, you're in luck. Seth is kicking off his book tour today in Philadelphia at World Cafe. Although tickets are already sold out there, seats might be available at the door.

And if you miss him here, he will also be appearing throughout the U.S., from New York to Santa Clara. So check your calendars for May, see if he's coming to your neck o' the woods, and make a date to hear him speak.

It's a terrific opportunity to learn actionable marketing advice firsthand, and transform it into new strategies for your business. And no worries if you don't catch Seth on this round -- his next book comes out in January.

Have fun!

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