Thursday, May 17, 2007

Artist architects new career online

posted by Andy Leff
What do you do when you suspect your avocation won’t pay the bills? Give it up? Choose a related career path? Or find a way to turn your talents into a viable job, and jump into a new venture with both feet?

Artist Jaye Coltharp chose the last option, and is now standing tall as a small business owner. She's the sole proprietor of Fashioned by Jaye, an arts and crafts store she opened in Springfield, Mo., this past September.

Seven years ago, however, Jaye was on her way to a career in architecture. It wasn't until she started selling her artwork on eBay that her true passion found financial stability, eventually enabling her to open a brick-and-mortar space.

Jaye's journey from trading wares on the Internet to buying a downtown shop is a great case study in using online tools to support offline business. Her presence on eBay and MySpace has gained her recognition, ensured a reliable customer base, and attracted artists eager to sell at her store.

And her visible storefront in Springfield fuels word of mouth from satisfied customers, encouraging local people to return. The upshot: Marketing is the one small business challenge Jaye doesn't have to worry about.

We caught up with this artist/businesswoman for a podcast to discuss her career path, successes, and lessons learned. So if you're thinking about pursuing your dream job, or want to reinvigorate your existing business, this is one interview you don't want to miss.

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