Friday, June 15, 2007

Are you blogging "Are you blogging this?"?

posted by Andy Leff
I love to blog. According to Technorati, so do 70 million other people and organizations.

No one more cleverly sums up this ever-growing phenomenon than David Lee King, whose video I found on Tim O'Reilly's blog:

King's take is humorous, but he speaks the truth. Every Web 2.0 service mentioned in his song is a useful tool for getting an individual's or organization's message off the ground, and into people's homes.

The video's production proves its content. King filmed the piece in his cubicle, posted it on YouTube, and watched it go viral through blogs. How's that for practicing what you preach?

And with more new services coming every day, there will be plenty for us to blog about -- and plenty to learn. Click away, friends.

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