Friday, June 1, 2007

The great customer hunt: Selling to social networkers

posted by Andy Leff
Your target market is out there, tapping away at their keyboards as we speak. The question is, how do you reach them?

Some of the newest and, some say, most efficient methods of communication are the Web's social networking sites.

Over half of Canadians who use the Web are on some sort of social networking forum, according to an article by Kathleen Lau for Canadian Technology News, IT Business.

That's roughly 11,220,000 people on social networks in Canada alone. And in the U.S., an estimated 70 million people now use social networking sites, with the number increasing daily. Now add in the rest of the planet.

Companies are discovering these groups are more effective than advertising, because they organically foster word of mouth -- which is free, and more effective, because it's inarguably credible.

Better yet, this audience is inhaling the 24-hour, all-you-can-eat social networking smorgasbord, just waiting for your business to pop up and feed their need for whatever it is your business does -- if you understand how to communicate in this realm.

Are you ready to mine these social networks? If you are, stay tuned. We'll show you some techniques to get started in our next posts.

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