Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wooing the new

posted by Andy Leff
The young have spoken. And they want Web 2.0.

According to a recent article in InformationWeek, employers are finding that their younger workers -- such as the new batch of college graduates entering the market right now -- are pushing to have Web 2.0 technologies available in the work place.

Employers are also finding that if companies don't adopt the technologies, such as wikis, blogs, and social networking sites, their younger employees are likely to use them covertly, which eliminates an employer's control, management, and ability to secure these networks.

Many IT managers have already started preparing to integrate Web 2.0 technologies into their business practices, a common topic at last week's Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston.

For the new generation of budding employees, these tools are just as valuable as technologies such as e-mail to the generation of workers that preceded them.

Employers take heed: Martina De Beer, a senior VP with Cisco Systems, says that if these technologies are not provided, younger employees will leave for a more tech-capable environment.

So if you're looking to attract and retain the tech-savvy generation quickly seeping into the work force, I suggest you go Web 2.0 now. No matter what, dealing with its integration will soon be necessary. So what's stopping you from jumping on the movement now?

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