Thursday, July 12, 2007

James Kotecki rides our airwaves

posted by Andy Leff
We couldn't resist. It wasn't enough to blog about James Kotecki's political YouTube channel. We had to invite him for a podcast, too.

But we didn't talk about politics. Instead, we grilled James about how he creates his videos, connects with his subjects and audience, and works across social media and traditional media platforms.

He also gazed into his crystal ball for the next big social media innovation, and predicted his own place in the media landscape come 2008.

Considering he started his video blog in January -- and it's already garnered enough attention to land him on CNN, NPR, Fox, and others -- James's story is worth a listen for anyone aspiring to market themselves or their business through the online airwaves.

So play it here, download for later, and share with 1,000 of your closest friends.

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