Wednesday, March 28, 2007

eBay rising

posted by Andy Leff
As promised, we're keeping our eye on eBay for you.

I was reading this thought-provoking post by eBay 'top seller' Corey Kossack about the structure of eBay insertion fees, and how they increase with higher-priced goods.

It got me thinking about the online reseller's ultimate viability. Corey makes an excellent point about the diminishing profit margin for items that require reenlistment in order to sell.

Once more sellers realize the dent this puts in their wallets, eBay will look much less attractive, especially for big ticket items. My prediction: eBay stores will price themselves out of the market if they're not careful.

So I ask all you eBay sellers out there, what do you think? Comment away, or, take our Zoomerang survey for a spin to share your thoughts.

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